Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Dungeon and dragon widow

This is the long answer to yofed's post about being a D&D widows. yes it is worth it. Planning the D&D game is important, it a way to understand yourself in a way and also to understand other. It's like escaping into a good book or a good movie and it actually good for you're health (remembering all those fact and planning for all those situation is a good way to stave off alzheimer disease from what I read). to remember the book you know by hearth you have to read and read and reread it again and again.. there is always something that had escaped you before and that might means fantasy death overfantasy life. It's also most of the time a good read. And frankly surely it better then looking at child pornography. Is it worth reading those book in bed.. hmm well there I'd have to say maybe, if you're alone. With someone else it might be pushing the reality vs fantasy barrier a little.

Beside there is a cure for you're widdowhood yofed... starts playing you'll see it's great!

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