Friday, April 01, 2005

Cosmological poemes...

One question in a cosmology class was to explain to a poet why in an inhomogeneous univers is equivalent to an univers with a low density of matter. Never one to quit when offered a challenge here is the answer to this question (in french, english "translation" follows)

Dans un univers inhomogène
Il existe ne vous gène,
Plusieurs cône de lumière
Vide de toute matière.

Or en présence de vide
ces cones très avides
étendent leurs espace
plus loin que s'ils n'étaient plein.

Les quelques cônes plein
se trouve moins focalisé
que ceux de notre univers homogène.

Si on diminu la densité
notre univers homogène focalise moins
nos cônes de lumière
comme l'inhomogène de vos prière.

[english version isn't a poeme really no rimes]
In an inhomogeneous universe
We find you should know
Cones of lights
Empty of all matters

In the abscens of matter
those greedy cones of light
Expand their size
farther then the full ones

The few cones with matter
will find themself
less focalised
then those of our homogeneous universe

Now if we remofve matter
from our corner of the univers
density goes downs
and light is less focalised, isn't that nice!

So remember, ask a silly question you'll get a silly answer and there is no limits to the silliness of an answer ;-). Enjoy and if you don't understand why an inhomogenous univers is like an low density univers just ask I'll be happy to answer... physically and maybe in a way someone can actually understand.

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