Friday, April 29, 2005

Cardinal Vader

I have it from a trusted source.. there is in rome a priest with a physical disabilty who once did kung fu and was once a doctorat in physics. He fits all the sign of been cardinal Vader ;-) This with pope Palpatine can only be a bad sign no?

I wonder what kind of movie that would be like.. pope Palpatine, Cardinal Vader.. Vatican III: Revanche of the Priest. Then it would be floowed by Vatican IV: A New Hope, Vatican V: The religion strike back and finally Vatican VI: Return of the scientist.

I wonder tho how lines like: "Luke I'm your father" will be handled...

anyway I now return you to your scheduled realilty.

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anyflower said...

Considering that priests are called "father"... "Father Vader" may have a unknown past (before he was father Vader). "Luke, I'm your father" (I mean the primary meaning of father) would not appear so fictionnal though. It would be quite shocking to the viewers. Yeah, that story has some potential. You could write the rest of it. So here is a challenge: who is Yoda? (no, you can't say John Paul II, as he is the master of Vader that would make him... oh, I can't say that!).