Thursday, April 21, 2005


I think I have seen the most flagrant display of hypocrisy ever put on the WWW.
If you go there TODAY ( you will see the following messages for the balance sign horoscope(FRENCH ALERT):

Il faut prendre les devants et agir en conséquence parce qu'avec la lune en Vierge, les événements ne tournent pas toujours comme on le voudrait. *

going a little lower for the signification of the * you'll find:

* Données scientifiques provenant des sites du Planétarium Dow et de la NASA

No seriously, sure the NASA and the Dow planetarium probably have data on the position of the moon in the sky each day. But so do just about every astronomy www pages, amateur astronomers, meteo sites and just about every wacko working in astrology. But having data on the position and saying that the moon in virgo means something is like saying: Well you know Jean Chretien has Chretien in his name so he should be the next pope. WFT?

I hate disinformation, and that is the worse case of disinformation because to the casual observer it will not seem false. Oh well I got a good laught out of it, it just sad it's misleading and crazy.

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