Wednesday, April 06, 2005

another answer to yofed widowhood

How can you be a D&D window? You can't be used to look into fantasy land can you? if you can.. get over here there is some hot elf-on-elf action I'd like to see ;-) And I'd like to see how Duan Windstorm will destroy the lich-god (or die trying!). Or is it like the windows operating system only you're for D&D instead of PC? if so can I get you cause you know that might be usefull for my montly game and stuff.

Other silly answer:
You're a Drape & Dance widow? is your boyfriend gai?
You're a Dumb & Dummer widow? now that strange you know the average american is smarter then that so imagine the average canadian!
You're a Dinosaurs & Devil widow? what the heck is that?

I could find other but I think this post has reached critical mass for silliness.


Manbous said...

Critical mass??? You obviously need to take a peek at my latest post... But if you want to enter in a race to weirdness, I should warn you: I never use sense in my writing, so it might get pretty hairy. :)

anyflower said...

I agree with that posting: Yofed should really get in the game too. See, I just gave a try to World of Warcraft (just to know what my man was talking about) and I'm now the most addicted to it. Therefore, i now have long WOW talks with him about the advantages or inconvenients of different strategies. It is so fun but someday we realised that we finally used "insider" vocabulary all the time. That might be dangerous for Yofed's son, considering he spoke klingon before english or french...

yofed said...

I actually played a few time with my man and I watch pretty much all of their games.... but man, there is a difference between spending a lot of time on the game and spending ALL the spare time on it!