Monday, April 18, 2005

And now a page of advertisement...

here is a word from our sponsor.

Do you understand these sentenses:

Roll Fort, DC 22, -2 for the cold you caught?

The troll as 45 hp, regen 5, BAB +9, FORT save +6, 25 str and a +3 falchion!!

AhAh with my +25 concentration, combat casting and my fire immunity there is no way all those great wyrm white dragon will survive if I call down a meteor swarm on my square.

If yes you might be suffering from acute D&Dites a serious condition that can result in the loss of social life, weight gain, quoting foreign SF movie, acne, and in some case even cronic virginity. Do not despair because we have the solution, for as low as 499$ per week we will provide you with our patented formula including Blackbody radiation of a 5760K body at 1 Au, physical excercise, non recycled air, an a girlfriend. Accept no immitation only our patented formule can provide you with the cure for acute D&Dites. Ask you doctor or pharmasis today.

Side effect include: sunburn, loss of money, increased stress, increased sexual appetite, cancer, asthma, loss of money, loss of sleep, loss of hair, loss of beer bellie, loss of knowledge about scientific and fantasy fact, increased jerkiness, conducting yourself like an asshole, driving a sport car you can't affort to impress the girl friend you can't pay for, credit card debt, and in 100% of all cases eventual death.

This as been a word from our sponsor, any resemblance to a product existing, in develloppement or in the imagination of someone other then Asaathi is purely coincidancial, you don't have to roll for paradox unless you botch. (and if you get that you've been playing Mage: The Ascension). Have fun, and as a RPG and D&D almost addict myself I have the right to laught at myself and other like me and none of the effect of D&Dites are true anyway.. it not even a true sickness.

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