Sunday, March 20, 2005

Student vs the Government

Some may know other may not but there is a large student strike in Quebec right now. The catalyst for this strike was that the government decide to transfer 103 M$ from grant to student loans. Understandably this is a stupid move, I belive that there are very few situations where cutting from education can be justified (but all involve the country be bankrupt for all intend and purpose) and that is not one of them. Also this move only penalise the poorest student (since they receive more grant then the other student) which aside from being bad press is morally questionable (to say the least).

However, I do not approve of the student strike movement either. Firstly I think that (at least in Quebec) strike have been overdone and only look like whinning to those not involved in the problem. Then there is the fact that for a strike to be effective the person you strike again must stand to lose at least as much as you do by striking. Frankly that is not the case when student strike unless things take forever to be solved the governement lose only it face (and those following Quebec politics know that the current government has lost that two days after it got into power) while student stand to lose time for the moment and if the strike last for more then 2 month there credits and session starting there chosen profession at least 3 month late (and in the case of Science and Engineering graduate our founding from the teachers, which in my case means no money). Finaly, I think that the student need to use what they learn and try to propose alternative solution to the government. Mainly we could do more than just ask for the 103M$ back we should try to tell them where the 103M$ should come from and maybe even propose a solution to bring event more money in eduction.

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