Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sleep is for the weak

I know I'm complaining for almost no reason but this is still my blog and if I decide to complain I'll complain. Today I realise I entered a dimension I thought I had left behind with my bacc in physics: the sleepless week. See during an average semester we would get so much homework studying, partying (can't forget the partying we're in college for something you know) that we would end up burn out only standing thanks to cafeine by the middle of the semester. We would have a saying for those time: Sleep is for the weak. Well right now I'm in one of those kind of time, I have to finish 3 telescope time allocation request (to get some time at some of the world big telescope and continu my thesis) by thirsday, I have an homework due tomorrow, today I have a conference from one of canada's Astronaute (Marc Garneau to be precise) I have a class tomorrow morning and to top it all off some of my time allocation request must be read by half the planet (slight exageration) before I can submit them which mean I have until... today to finish them and of course tonight I have a lan party planed with some friend that I can't (won't) postpone. Joy, I'll be sleepless in Quebec this week.

but don't worry to much about me I'll just put a don't disturb sign on my door next week and make sure I get back all the sleep I missed.. twice over.

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