Saturday, March 26, 2005

Quebecers are stupid

Yes I am again aware of the irony of calling myself stupid. Just hear me out, here are some proof that the Canadian (and by extention the quebec) government find it's citazen in Quebec dumb as dirt (and not the smart kind of dirt, the dirty stupider then shit kind of dirk). Bellow are exemples of what brought that stupid tag to Quebec.

Apparently, to buy butter Quebecers open every countener in a store that could remotly cointain butter and check if the content is yellow if this simple check is result is true the average quebecer must conclude that the content is butter. Also the average quebecer is analphabete (can't read) cause he surely will mistake a conterer marked Margarine in bold letter for butter if the content is yellow. Now that must sound crazy but you should know that there is a law in Quebec (very much inforced) that state: to prevent consummers confusion between margarine and butter margarine must not be collored yellow and must remain white.

Hightly train paramedic are unnessecary in Quebec BECAUSE WE HAVE A DIFFERENT CULTURE! (a governement official exact words!). In quebec it is currently illegal to give advanced cared trainning to paramedic, it not their job it the job of the nurse and doctor. Never mind that lifes would be saved with that training we certainly don't want to take job from the nurse and doctor. Also in the same line of thought we our paramedic are too dumb to be able to administer medecine more complex than aspirin (one of the 5!!!! medecine that can be given by paramedic in ambulance in Quebec).

Then there is the whole turning right on a red light. Belive it or not this is a recent develloppement in quebec that still isn't fully implemented (about 30% of all intersection outside of Montreal (where you simply can't turn right on a red light) have indication preventing you from turning). The reason: it's evident more accident would happen because Quebecer are far too dumb to look to see if anyone is crossing the road before turning. Nevermind that just about everyone else in the world seem to be doing just fine.

Oh well at least I can amuse myself with that an invent silly and (not so) funny exemple of Quebec owns stupidity. I wonder if we aren't the alabama of Canada sometimes. You know it would kinda fit too.

Québec, français libre! Not for me... at least not until we have intelligent, honest politicien (that aobut about about 50 Gyrs after then heat death of the univers by current estimate)


Anonymous said...

I concur! There are some dumb fuckers in Quebec.... but Nova Scotia isn't great either...

Cunning Linguist said...

Hahhahahah. I'm so sorry to hear all this. And also quite shocked. Alabama of Canada indeed.