Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Oxymoron.. weird things those words are.. think about it two words that are opposite used togheter to define a new thing often with no relation with both. I've decided that because this is my blog and that I can do and say just about whatever I want that I would list some... just for quicks:

Military intelligence... now how did spying get called intelligence and associate with the organisation promoting the removal of all intelligence I'll never guess.
Friendly fire... I guess that when you're dead or wounded you know who you're real friend are.
Honest politician... haven't found one yet... must be something mythical.
Peacekeeping force... let make sure no one fight be having more gun then all of them together sound to me to be a good receipe for resentment and violence.
Smart computing... a computer is not smart, in fact it is dumb as a brick, the only thing that makes them look smart is when the person in front is dumber (also know as the code 18 phenomena).
Liberal conservative... that I just don't get are you trying to keep things the way they are or change them?
Virtual reality... of course what's real isn't that makes senses!
Religous tolerance... our god(s) is(are) better then all the others but that all right you're can exist too.. except not.
Creationist science... hmm let see no proof no way of proving, no way of doing an experiment that prove the thing. That a science all right.
Canadian Military... no need to comment.
Microsoft work... that as been proven wrong so many times it's not even remotely funny now.

While writing these I've been thinking that most of those are cultural... and well I'm no anthropologist, but I'm betting that a futur civilisation would find the study of oxymoron of our time to be very telling of our values.

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yofed said...

You forgot one: smart ass!