Sunday, March 27, 2005

National novel writing month

Some may know but November is the national novel writing month a month where everyone that want to try is challenged to write a 50 000 word novel. This year I want to try my luck and write a novel. I can't write anything for the novel but I can set up somethings about the universes I want to write in before hand. Now my big problem is that I am torn between three possible univers to write for.

First, I'd like to write something about a character the player in my DnD game meet and let go... a traveling bard that has lost all of her memory and her quest to find them. It would in a fantasy setting (the one where my DnD game is set up) and would be about self discovery and predestination vs free will.

Second, I've been DMing a Alternity game and the setting of this game really interest me for it's novel writing possibility. This is a hard SF univers where I try to keep things as close to what physically possible with just a touch of fantasy to make thing more interesting. In this univers set 1000 years in the future some 10 years after the secret of FTL where found by human scientist. In those 1000 years human have colonised 61 stars beside earth and have statistically rulled that Alien life form did not existe. The story will focus on the struggle from earth to unite it's colonie followed by a civil war, a intrinseque problem in earth technology and finally something else.. I think that I could do 3 or 4 novel on that idea alone..

Finally, the old X-COM game has inspired me, I'd like to write a novel where an X-COM like forces battle alien invader. It would be focused on a ground troup and there struggle with the new technologie, the metal power of the alien and of the multinational force. However unlike the X-COM universe, the organisation would not be backed by the UN (which the leader of XCOM would not realised at first) but by a shadowy ancient powergroup. The earth would be filled with such powergroup and the squad would learn quickly that even if they are humanity only line of defense, there are traitors and ennemies behind them... It would be a soft SF thing with lots of unphysical things and mystical mumbo jumbo.

Now, my big problem is that I don't know which one to devellop I can't write 2 novels at once much less 3 so I have to things about them.. just writing the idea gave me more about each.. I seriously hope I can decide and work on the universe before the november 1st deadline where I will have to begin writting my novel. Wish me luck.

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yofed said...

Go see what I think about that! just kiddin'... I guess I wouldn't like your story, since I'm not into D&D, SciFi and Cie.