Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Murphy's law

I've been thinking about Murphy's law (if anyone does not know it, it goes something like: "If anything can go wrong it will. If nothing can go wrong you obviously don't understand the problem well enought") lately for no particular reason. Mainly I've been thinking of the quantised version of Murphy's law (everything go wrong all the time) and I come to the conclusion that this violate the uncertainty principle. So I've thought about proposing the following version of Murphy's law: In any experiment where statistic are involved the result less likely to be of any interest will be the most likely to happen. Isn't this more "physical"? An a lot more annoying? Which make me thing isn't Murphy's law just the law of ever increasing annoyance? Kinda like entropy but system capable of localy reversing entropy?

More weirdness to follow these messages.

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