Sunday, March 20, 2005

It all starts now...

Before the begining there was nothing, no life, no time, no space, no mind and no politics. Kinda like eden but without the god stuff. Then, there was the begining some call it the big bang, other call it Genesis and still most of you don't care. As a graduate student in astrophysics (well I HAD to talk about myself it my first blog post you know and it wouldn't be good to break traditions.) i prefere to think of it as the big bang, it simplify the equations (God equations are night impossible to solve and the don't care equation are too trivial to be of interest).

As the description hint English is not my native language, so I ask you to forgive my many gramatical and spelling error and concentrate on the messages (if there are ever any and of course if anyone read this one day). I'm kinda of geek so expect to see some few things about SF, Fantasy, Computers and other generally geeky stuff. Some of my friend describ me as a mad scientist kind of guy that means that not all that will be posted will make senses in the physical kind of way. But I assure you it just my imagination.

Another thing we might see here are long post and rant. I like to rant mainly about the strange (and sad in my humble opinion) state of freedom and politics in Canada (but mainly Quebec). Well that all for this first post, lets hope there be many more.

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yofed said...

I'm proud of you buddy! Keep up your good work!