Saturday, March 26, 2005

Geeky answers(first of maybe many)

Warning: Using any of these answer will make irrevocably a geek. Using more then one might cause permanent domage to social life.

Question: What up?
Geeky answer (1): silence (simply point toward the ceilling or the sky)
GA(2): In euclidiant geometry a direction perpendicular to the plan defined as horizontal.
GA(3): In good society it is generally accepted that up is the direction opposite to the pull of gravity
GA(4): The ceilling, over that the next floor and so on
GA(5): 42

Q: How are you feeling?
GA(1): Good question, biologist are still searching for this answer.
GA(2): Throught pattern reconition of neuron firing into my brain.
GA(3): 42

Q: How did you do that?
GA(1): [explain in painfull and complete details down to the fonctionment of the tool you used]
GA(2): 42

Q: Who do you think will win the next election: [insert name of 1st candidate] or [insert name of 2nd candidate]?
GA(1): Yessss [in Kosh voice]
GA(2): 42

Q: How do you think this movie will end?
GA(1): In fire[again with Kosh voice]
GA(2): [explain the plot in great detail since you have understood it within the fire 2 minutes, watch them be pissed when you're right]
GA(3): 42

Q: 6x9?
GA: 42 (if you don't get it you didn't read the Hitchhicker guide to the galaxy in enough detail)

Cheers, and have fun. I know I'll try to.

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anyflower said...

Wow... late comment but I must say, Kosh is the best of all (after Vir) even if he's now gone to another dimension.